Presentation Plant Breeding: Bandwagons I, too, Have Known

Rex Bernardo, Professor and Endowed Chair in Corn Breeding and Genetics Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics University of Minnesota

Research Interests
Discovers new ways of breeding corn, breeds corn for new uses, and educates future plant breeders. His interests include exploiting new technologies in applied corn breeding and elucidating the nature of genetic variation for quantitative traits.

Rex Bernardo has published two really excellent text book for plant breeders:
Essentials of Plant Breeding (2014), ISBN 978-0-9720724-2-7
Breeding for Quantitative Traits in Plants (2010), ISBN 978-0-9720724-1-0

List of selected publications:

Rex Bernardo ist Gastprofessor an der BOKU vom 9. bis 25. November 2015 mit einem Spezialkurs: Breeding Plants using Genomics, Phenomics, and Agronomics.

Zum Vortrag

A bandwagon is an idea, activity, or trend that becomes increasingly fashionable as more and more people adopt it. In a 1991 article entitled Bandwagons I Have Known, Professor N.W. Simmonds in the UK described several bandwagons that he encountered in his career, beginning with induced polyploidy and ending with the then-new field of biotechnology.
In this talk, Professor Bernardo will discuss post-1990s bandwagons in plant and animal improvement, speculate on bandwagons to come, and provide a historical and societal perspective on bandwagons in applied genetics.