Mission Preperation Training for Peace Builders

All the modules should enhance desirable personal attitudes, stress the importance of active involvement in the host society and promote a reflective and critical approach. The Core Course gives basic understanding of major functional tasks in the field as well as of the goals and approaches of actors involved. Participants will also get acquainted with various field-work techniques.

Modules include peace-building, cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication, conflict analysis, methods of third party intervention, mediation, human rights, democratization, organized crime, personal safety, mine awareness, first aid, gender and peace building, stress management, and working with trauma. Practical exercises include a two-day workshop on project management and working with the media, map reading, navigation, a 4×4 drive training, a mine trail, a Complex Simulation Exercise held outdoors and multiple case studies.

Target Group:
People working with national or international non-governmental organizations, international organizations (e.g. UN), governments, the academic or private sectors who
• want to prepare for field missions in post-conflict and crisis areas in other countries than their own and in their own countries
• want to serve as multipliers in their own countries and communities, passing on the knowledge and skills obtained in the course